PerfectDry Lux Hearing Aid Dryer

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  • Dry, store, and disinfect all brands and models of hearing aid
  • Forced-air fan drying system
  • 360° effects reach the entire hearing aid surface
  • UV-C “bath” destroys 99% of viruses and bacteria
  • Reduces the risk of itchiness, infection, and other irritation in the ear canal.


The PerfectDry LUX Hearing Aid Dryer, disinfecting, and cleaning system is an electronic device for the maintenance and storage of many kinds of hearing aids. The maintenance is ensured by the combination of a forced-air fan drying system and UV-C rays for disinfection.

This electronic hearing aid cleaner is equipped with a lamp that emits short UV-C rays. Its 360-degree circular disposition enables it to reach all the surfaces of the hearing aids for a deep clean. The UV-C rays destroy 99 percent of viruses and bacteria, which dramatically reduces itchiness and infections of the ear canal for more comfortable wear.

The fast cycle delivers a 30-minute clean at 113 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the intensive cycle delivers a one hour and 30 minute clean at 113 degrees Fahrenheit. For the ultimate disinfection, the PerfectDry LUX Automatic Hearing Aid cleaning system is there to answer the call. It’s an ideal piece of equipment for creating sanitary conditions for the wear and maintenance of an important piece of medical equipment that helps to keep your hearing at its best.

It comes in a compact box with a simple power button on the front for easy operation and storage. Just set it on your dresser or nightstand for ready access.

Additional information

Weight 0.93125 lbs
Dimensions 4.1 × 3.75 × 3.5 in


1 review for PerfectDry Lux Hearing Aid Dryer

  1. Jacob C

    This is one of the nicest hearing aid dryers. The UV light is a great idea for killing bacteria.

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