Phonak Standard Receiver Link (4.0)
Standard Power

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$150.00 each

  • Phonak 4.0 Receiver Links fit Phonak Audeo Paradise & Marvel RIC hearing aids
  • This is the Standard Power Receiver version, for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss
  • OEM Replacement Phonak Receiver Link


Phonak Standard Receiver Links (4.0) Standard Power

Phonak Marvel & Paradise Hearing Aid Receiver (SDS 4.0) $150 per each.

Phonak Standard Receiver replacement for Phonak Audeo & Marvel hearing aids. This will not work on older generation Phonak hearing aids.

Included in this pack are one (1) Standard receiver (standard power) link and a retention pin.

Phonak receiver links come in three different power levels: Standard (S), Medium (M), Power (P) and four different lengths: 0,1, 2, 3

This is a Phonak standard power receiver (speaker).

These are original receivers from Phonak.

Phonak Standard Receiver 4.0 right

Newly designed, robust receiver for every day reliability. New Standard (S) receiver offers high performance. Receiver spout designed for “One-Click” connection with new SDS 4.0 domes.

Package contains one receiver tube for connection to an Audeo Marvel and Paradise hearing aids. One receiver per order. Available in 4 different lengths for left or right ear.

Phonak 4.0 Receiver Links - Identifying size and power

The length of the receiver wire is printed as a small number on the blue bottom for the left ear, or on the red bottom for the right ear.

The length is shown by a number (0, 1, 2 or 3). The strength level is printed next to the length number and is shown by a letter: S for Standard, M for Medium or P for Power.

Please note the domes that go on the end of the receiver wire are not included. Phonak manufacturers a number of different styles of sizes of domes for their 4.0 receiver tubes, and must be ordered separately.

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1 review for Phonak Standard Receiver Link (4.0)
Standard Power

  1. David M. From Hoboken, NJ.

    Hearing aid sounds just like new again!

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