ReSound Omnia 9 Mini
Rechargeable Hearing Aid

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$1,599.00 each

  • Authorized Retailer
  • Three (3) Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Bluetooth
  • LIFETIME Remote Support & Sound Adjustments
  • Free Shipping


ReSound Omnia 9 Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Unparalleled Design Elegance

Elevate your hearing experience with the ReSound OMNIA 9 Mini (RU960 miniRIE) – the smallest RIC hearing aid by ReSound. The commitment to design excellence is evident in every detail.

  • Sleek and Sophisticated: The OMNIA 9 Mini boasts a sleek, modern design that discreetly complements your style. Say goodbye to bulky, unattractive hearing aids.
  • Tailored Comfort: With its perfect fit, the OMNIA 9 Mini requires only one contact point with your ear, ensuring unparalleled wearing comfort.
  • Confidence in Style: Feel confident and stylish with this elegant hearing aid that’s designed to enhance your appearance and self-assurance.
ReSound Omnia Mini hearing aids in charger.
ReSound Omnia 9 Mini Hearing Aids in Standard Charger

This line of Premium Plus hearing aids is designed for “ACTIVE LIFESTYLE” users.
Three (3) Year Manufacturer Warranty. – Three (3) Year Loss and Damage coverage.

Man wearing ReSound Omnia Mini hearing aids in a dining setting.

Love the everyday details in life.

Hear the best you can in noisy environments and enjoy the world all around you. Introducing the ReSound OMNIA 9 Mini rechargeable hearing aids.

ReSound OMNIA 9 Mini rechargeable hearing aids can provide an incredible 150% improvement in speech understanding in noise.

Advanced Bluetooth Streaming Technology

Experience the future of hearing aid technology with the ReSound OMNIA 9 Mini. We’ve taken Bluetooth streaming to a whole new level, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly.

  • Stability Redefined: Our advanced new antenna provides a streaming connection that is twice as stable as its predecessor. Say goodbye to dropped connections and interruptions.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Stream audio from your favorite devices directly to your hearing aid, making phone calls, listening to music, and watching videos a breeze.
  • User-Friendly: The OMNIA 9 Mini is designed with you in mind. Easy-to-use controls and intuitive connectivity options put you in charge.

Uncompromising Quality and Comfort

When it comes to hearing aids, you deserve the best. Choose the ReSound OMNIA 9 Mini (960 miniRIE) for quality and comfort in one device.

  • Sound Clarity: Rediscover the world with crystal-clear sound quality. Our advanced technologies ensure that you catch every word and every note.
  • Suitable for All: Whether you have mild or severe hearing loss, the OMNIA 960 has you covered. It’s customizable to meet your specific needs.
  • Long-Lasting Power: Don’t worry about constantly changing batteries. The OMNIA 960’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery life ensures you stay powered throughout your day.

HearSource TeleHealth Hearing Care Services supports you every step of the way with ReSound Assist

How We Remotely Support You

Cutting-edge HearSource TeleHealth Technology allows for the broadest range of at-home hearing care services for those with hearing loss.

Remote fine-tuning so you can request adjustments to your hearing aids anytime.

ReSound Omnia 9 Mini rechargeable hearing aids coupled with the 3D App provide HearSource programming technicians access to you and your hearing aids. Receive hearing care in the most convenient and safest way possible.

ReSound Assist

These new solutions allow people to take a hearing test at home, buy and receive hearing aids, and have them adjusted, without ever having to enter any clinic.

Live Assistance for face-to-face video appointments from the comfort of your home.

M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear Design)

Nature has designed the shape of our ears to perfectly capture the sounds around them. Because the shape of the ear is unique to each individual, the sound they hear is uniquely theirs.

Unfortunately, when wearing hearing aids, many times this isn’t the case, as most hearing aid microphones are located behind the ear only. Needless to say, this isn’t where nature intended, so sound can end up feeling standardized, unnatural, and incomplete.

ReSound M&RIE Receiver

ReSound Omnia 9 Mini rechargeable hearing aids with M&RIE (Microphone and Receiver-In-Ear) changes all of this, an entirely new class of hearing aids with a microphone and receiver positioned inside the ear, so users can collect the whole sound, just as nature intended.

This breakthrough is made possible by an improved sound processing chipset and feedback management system.

ReSound Omnia 9 Mini hearing aids deliver through the ears to the brain everything it needs to process sound with greater depth and direction, making it effortless to tune in and enjoy conversation, in any situation. This is the next step to what we call Organic Hearing.

Rechargeable and Ready To Go!

Hear clearer sounds and do what you want without worrying about running out of power.
Rechargeable with up to 30 hours on one charge with 3 charging options.

Premium Charger

ReSound Omnia Premium Hearing Aid Charger
Premium Charger

Take power on the go with the Premium Hearing Aid Charger.

This charger is portable with a built-in battery pack that provides up to three additional full charges to the hearing aids. This provides an additional 90 hours of hearing aid use before needing to plug the charger back into a power source.

The optional Premium Charger is available for an upcharge to your hearing aid purchase for only $100.

Standard Charger

ReSound Nexia Standard Charger with Omnia hearing aids.
Standard Charger

The Standard Hearing Aid Charger is the perfect choice for a stationary or bedside charging station. This charger stays connected to a power source when in use. The closable charger hood prevents dust and debris from infiltrating to the hearing aids.

The Standard Hearing Aid Charger is available at no additional charge.

Desktop Charger

ReSound Desktop Charger
Desktop Charger

The Desktop Charger is the most effortless charger to use. This design allows the hearing aids to be quickly placed into the charger without tucking the receiver wires into the charging case.

The Desktop Charger is available as an option for no additional charge.

Expanding Your World Through Wireless Connectivity

ReSound hearing aid accessories pic.
ReSound Omnia 9 Mini Hearing Aids Wireless Accessories Help You Hear In Any Environment.

Wireless connectivity is shifting the boundaries of how people with hearing loss can access and enjoy sound, information, and entertainment. The 2.4 GHz wireless technology works seamlessly and intuitively, such as the direct streaming from iOS and Android devices with no need for intermediate devices.

Smart 3D App
Customize your hearing experience easily and discreetly

Use the Smart 3D app to personalize your hearing aid sound settings to match your personal preferences. Quickly adjust your sound settings via the Smart 3D app. You will be more confident with your hearing aids capabilities in the widest available soundscapes and be ready to engage with the world around you. 

ReSound Omnia 9 Mini rechargeable hearing aids are compatible with most modern smartphones. The Smart 3D app was developed for use with the Android and iOS (Apple) marketplace.

This free downloadable app lets you control your hearing aids utilizing your smartphone. On both mobile phone platforms, the apps provide direct connectivity from smartphones to hearing aids without the need for any additional (Streaming) devices.

Features of the Smart 3D App

  • Adjust hearing aid volume controls.
  • Change hearing aid programs for different environments.
  • Adjust hearing aid equalizer
  • Initiate hearing aid remote support. (Remote adjustments from HearSource pushed through your smartphone to your hearing aids.)

ReSound Omnia 9 Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid Color Options

The ReSound Omnia 9’s ergonomic design is available in a variety of colors, whether you want to blend in or stand out.

ReSound Omnia hearing aid in bronze color.
ReSound Omnia hearing aid in champagne color.
ReSound Omnia hearing aid in deep black color.
Deep Black
ReSound Omnia hearing aid in Espresso color.
ReSound Omnia hearing aid in Graphite color.
ReSound Omnia hearing aid in Gold color.
ReSound Omnia hearing aid in Warm Grey color.
Warm Grey
ReSound Omnia Sparkling Grey
Sparkling Silver

ReSound Omnia Mini Hearing Aid Features by Technology Level

What's the difference between ReSound Omnia 9, 7, and 5 hearing aids?

FeatureOmnia 9Omnia 7Omnia 5
Wind Guard3 Settings2 SettingsOn/Off
Impulse Noise Reduction3 Settings3 SettingsOn/Off
Noise Tracker II5 Settings3 Settings2 Settings
Expansion3 Settings2 SettingsOn/Off
Environmental Optimizer II
Environmental Optimizer
360 All-around
All Access Directionality
Binaural Directionality II
Front Focus
Ultra Focus
AutoScope Adaptive Directionality
MultiScope Adaptive Directionality
Synchronized Soft Switching
Adaptive Directionality
Fixed Directionality
M&RIE Compatible
Spatial Sense
Adjustable Directional Mix
Music Mode
Auto DFS
Ear-to-Ear Synchronization
iPhone & Android Calls/Streaming
Max # Programs444
Low Frequency Boost3 Settings2 SettingsOn/Off
Amplification Strategy (WDRC)3 Settings2 Settings2 Settings

For more information on ReSound Omnia 9 Mini rechargeable hearing aids, please call 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

The use of the ReSound logo or name and other relevant educational materials on this website is purely for informational purposes about the products we offer for sale.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 in

1 review for ReSound Omnia 9 Mini
Rechargeable Hearing Aid

  1. Mark H. From Lincoln, NE.

    Much better than my older ReSound hearing aids. Extremely small and discreet. Very comfortable. Worth the upgrade.

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