Widex Receiver Link (RIC)
Standard Power (S)

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Widex Receiver Link (regular power) provides the perfect fit when used with WIDEX EVOKE™ and other Widex RIC hearing aids.



The Widex receiver link (regular power) is flexible, for a better physical fit, more secure fit in the ear canal, and creates a more discreet appearance. Because it better follows the shape of the ear, the Widex receiver link solves both the problem of sideways movement and the “cosmetic gap.”

It is a very easy process to remove the old speaker wire and replace with a new one, simply tug the speaker wire gently away from the body of the hearing aid vertically and the wire should detach fairly easily. To put the new speaker wire onto your hearing aid the pins on the new speaker wire simply slot straight into the top of the hearing aid in the same slot you have just removed your old speaker wire from.

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2 reviews for Widex Receiver Link (RIC)
Standard Power (S)

  1. Alex J. From Jonesboro, AR.

    Genuine Widex receiver link. Happy to find it. Happy to find HearSource.com.

  2. Harp M. from Boise, ID

    Original manufacturer Widex hearing aid receiver link. Easy to change out the old and install the new. Made my hearing aid sound new again.

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