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The Best Choice For Affordable Hearing Aids

The Best Choice for Affordable Hearing Aids

Hearing Industry Problem:

Our Solution:

HearSource - A Solution to the problem of affordability & accessibility.

Programming Your Own Hearing Aids

Programming Your Own Hearing Aids

Hearing Industry Problem:

    - Hearing Aid Sound Adjustments Require       Multiple Office Appointments With Hearing       Professionals.

Our Solution:

Program your own hearing aids or "Remote Programming Support".  Our system allows your computer to communicate directly with any of HearSource's hearing aid systems.  To date, hearing aid programming equipment and software have been available to only hearing industry professionals.  Now with the HearSource hearing aid programming system, you the consumer, have access to the same hardware and software that industry professionals do.   Utilizing our hearing aid programming system, you now have control over your own better hearing.
HearSource Hearing Aid Software

HearSource hearing aid programming software

In our opinion, it would be impossible to purchase any hearing aid over the internet and be able to enjoy much hearing success, without the ability to make precise changes to the hearing aid sound settings. Everyone's hearing loss, lifestyle, and environments are unique. The sound settings of each hearing aid must be precisely set to the wearers own exact hearing needs and desires.  HearSource Personal Programmable Hearing Aid Systems finally give you the ability to adjust your own hearing aids whenever or wherever you like.  For those times when you need some help, the HearSource coaching staff is ready to walk you through any technical issues or provide you with our exclusive "Remote Programming Support".

HearSource makes digital hearing aids, Easy to Purchase, Easy to adjust, Easy to wear, and AFFORDABLE

The Affordable Choice For All Hearing Aid Repairs

Affordable Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Industry Problem:

Our Solution:

HearSource has an all make hearing aid repair lab that will repair your hearing aid for $129.  We stock common hearing aid components for most hearing aid brands and models.  Keeping parts in stock is important for time sensitive hearing aid repairs.  Most hearing aids can be repaired within 7 business days. Rush service is available at additional cost. HearSource provides a simple downloadable PDF "Hearing Aid Repair Form".  Our hearing aid repair form is provided to assist you in accurately describing the problems with your hearing aid.  Older hearing aids, many times, can still be repaired!   If you've been told that your old hearing aid is too old to repair, don't worry.  This common sales tactic is used to get people to "upgrade" their hearing aids to new ones all the time. If we can't repair it, which is uncommon, we will return your hearing aid to you at our expense. Your only expense would be the cost of originally shipping your hearing aid to us. The cost of you shipping your hearing aid to us is not refundable.

Hearsource Technician Working in the Hearing Aid Repair Lab
HearSource hearing aid repair lab technician working under a microscope to repair a hearing aid.

HearSource's trained technicians are some of the best in the hearing aid repair business.  Our hearing aid repair technicians have over 60 years of combined experience.  

Fast - Reliable - Affordable.
HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Services

When shipping your hearing aids to HearSource for repair, make sure they are protected from damage by placing them in a crushproof container, such as a pill or aspirin bottle. Then place the crushproof container into a box or container for shipping. It is also a good idea to insure your hearing aids and ship them in such a way that you are able to track your shipment to us. Please require a signature from us confirming our receipt of your hearing aid. 

Ship your hearing aid repairs to:

HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Service
102 Northfield Drive East
Bainbridge, IN 46105

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