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HearSource Customers

Our Customers Can Program & Adjust Their Own Hearing Aids!

HearSource Laboratory

The HearSource Laboratory Can Repair All Brands of Hearing Aids…even most older models!

Hearing Aid Supplies

We Offer Affordable Hearing Aid Parts and Supplies, Shipped Direct to You

Hearing Aid Repair

Fast, Thorough, and Affordable Hearing Aid Repairs for Almost Any Model with HearSource

eMiniTec Programmer

Program Your Own Hearing Aids with HearSource’s eMiniTec Personal Hearing Aid Programmer

The Best Choice For Affordable Hearing Aids

affordable hearing aids from hearsource

HearSource’s affordable hearing aids are made in the USA. We only use quality parts equal to those used by major brands. Yet, our hearing aids sell for less than 1/2 to 1/3 of the average retail price of those sold in the US. In most cases, we’re using the same parts, and we’re getting better prices for them. Because of this, we save a lot of money, and we can pass the savings along to you!

The Most Affordable Hearing Aid Repairs


HearSource has an all make hearing aid repair lab that will repair your hearing aid for $139. We stock and refurbish hearing aids and components for most hearing aid brands and models. You can get almost any hearing aid model and brand repaired in our laboratory! Furthermore, most of you can get your hearing aid repairs done and back in your hands within 7 business days!

Program Your Own Hearing Aids

program your own hearing aids

You can program your own hearing aids or use our “Remote Programming Support.”  Our easy-to-use system allows you to interface with and adjust any of HearSource’s affordable hearing aids. As a result, HearSource Personal Programmable Hearing Aid Systems finally give you the ability to adjust your own hearing aids, whenever or wherever you like. In addition, you can get remote support, any time you run into tricky settings!

Lowest Price

OpenEar One
  • Choice of colors! Great for mild-moderate hearing loss.
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Legacy Product

Freestyle OpenEar Micro
  • Good for mild to severe hearing loss. Build to meet your needs!
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Premiere Product

OpenEar Elite
  • Our premium quality hearing aid, packed with amazing features!
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hearsource logo 2016How does HearSource set itself apart from its competitors? You can program and adjust your own hearing aids! Every order of new hearing aids from HearSource comes with an eMiniTec Personal Programmer. You will get a free set of cables and connectors, and you’ll get access to our proprietary software for interface with your hearing aids via the eMinitec—at no extra cost! Many other hearing aid manufacturers offer added features to their hearing aids. Some are comparable in price (and yes, a few are cheaper). NONE of them offer you the exclusive ability to adjust your hearing aids any time you want, from any Windows computer!

Thank you for your prompt service. I recieved my repaired hearing aid back today in record time. So far, seems to be working fine. You guys are the best. I’ll make sure anybody I meet who has hearing aids knows about your great service.


Arlene Boumel

I would like to thank…you for your outstanding help in making my hearing aids work better than ever.

Many Thanks,

Gene Marsiglia

Thanks for the great job you did repairing my Siemens Cielo hearing aid. It didn’t work this good when it was new. Thanks for the good job.

Dan Philippbar

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