CS44 Angled Hearing Aid Programming Cable

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  • CS44 Hearing Aid Programming Cables
  •  4-pin round programming connectors
  • Made with durable plastic connectors.
  • May work with other hearing aids, with the correct software.


The CS44 Angled Hearing Aid Programming Cable (manufactured by Sonion) is designed for use with eMiniTec and Hi-Pro hearing aid programmers.

CS44 Hearing Aid Programming Cable - Angled

The CS 44 hearing aid programming cable has been a market standard since 1990. Manufactured by Sonion the market leader in developing programming systems and connector systems compatible with RIC/RITE hearing instruments.

Hearing Aid Programming Cable

This cable connects a hearing aid to the hearing aid programmer. The Hi-Pro Hearing Aid Programmer uses cables type: CS43, CS44 and CS45.

CS44 is the most commonly used hearing aid programming cable. One end of the CS44 cable is a standard mini-DIN connector 

Some hearing aids utilize their own specific programming cables; consult with your hearing aid supplier or manufacturer before purchasing.

Programming Your Own Hearing Aids

For some hearing aids, prior to Bluetooth technology, to program a hearing aid, you would need to connect your hearing aid to a hearing aid programmer via a programming cable and then to a PC using an USB or serial cable.

Then install the appropriate software and driver on a PC to interface with the hearing aid. The process of installation and tuning is not complicated. Some manufacturers have made the tools available to their customers; others have not.

Hearing aid programmer. The USB Hi-PRO from GN Otometrics is the most commonly used programmer used by hearing care professionals. HI-PRO is de facto industry standard for hearing instrument programming and is supported by all major hearing instrument manufacturers. The HI-PRO hearing aid programmer has a universal hardware interface for programming both digital and analog hearing aids. Some programmers are designed for certain hearing aids only, ie. iCube is for Phonak hearing aids only and the eMiniTec hearing aid programmer is commonly used by hearing aid manufacturers using IntriCon based chips. Some companies only sell the programmers to hearing aid professionals only.

Fitting software and driver. The best place to obtain the software is directly from a hearing aid manufacturer; however not all of them make the software available to the public.

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  1. Robert W. From San Francisco, CA

    Good quality programming cable. Good and fast service/shipping form HearSource

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