With All the Health Scares –
TeleHearing Care Makes Sense

TeleHearing Care For Over 20 Years - HearSource

I hope this post catches you at a healthy and happy time.

With all of the health scares and company shutdowns recently, I wanted to reach out to make sure that you know that HearSource is open for business and ready to help you with your hearing needs. Our company has been conducting business online utilizing what we call TeleHearing Care.  We have ALL the right tools, technologies, and personnel to dispense, fit, program, adjust, service and support your hearing aids remotely from the safety of your own home or business.

For over 20 years. HearSource has invested in and developed our own remote telecommunications and remote hearing aid programming support systems. We are experts in the online sales/dispensing, fitting, programming and support of hearing aids remotely.

Instead of meeting in person, we use tools such as chat, smartphone audio and video communications, virtual desktop support and more to make sure you stay safe and hearing well. Our solutions for supporting our customers include as much face-to-face interaction online as possible.

Recently, officials from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with other agencies, urged businesses to make plans for how to limit the current  virus’s impact, raising questions about plans for remote work or the closure of schools or day-care centers.

Modern technology is making it possible for HearSource to go on with our day-to-day responsibilities while taking precautions against the virus outbreak.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our hearing aidshearing aids repair services, etc., please feel free to reach out to us.


The Staff at HearSource

eMail: info@Hearsource.com
Chat: Use the Chat icon in the lower right of any page.
Phone: 1-800-416-2434


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  1. You guys are awesome. My local hearing aid office is closed for the virus (I am not sure they will open again). It is good to know that is a company out there that can be depended on through thick and thin. I am very thankful that you were able to take care of my problem for me. God bless.

  2. Gary B. From Richmond, IN.

    To ALL the HearSource Staff,

    Thank you so much for your help today!!

    I never even thought of you taking care of my problem while I was there. I am sooooooo grateful!!
    Please stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 crisis, and blessings to you and your entire staff in the future.

    Gary B.

  3. Jimmi S. From Hernando Beach, FL.

    Prayers for all. Together we’ll get thru this. Grateful for you folks at HearSource. ❤️

  4. Roger H. From Springfield, MO.

    We appreciate you HearSource. You’ve helped me and many others.

  5. Alli G. From Delano, CA.

    Bless you guys. You’re awesome. Keep up the good work.

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