About ReSound Remote Assist

ReSound Remote Assist: Convenient Access to Hearing Care Professionals

ReSound Remote Assist is an innovative feature available through the ReSound Smart 3D™ app that allows users to connect with their hearing care professionals in two convenient ways. This article explores the benefits of ReSound Remote Assist, its primary features, and how it enhances the overall experience of ReSound hearing aid users. With remote fine-tuning requests and live assistance video appointments, ReSound Remote Assist offers continuous support and personalized guidance, all designed to help users maximize the potential of their ReSound hearing aids.

Remote Fine-Tuning Requests

With ReSound Remote Assist, users can now submit requests for fine-tuning their hearing aids without the need to visit a hearing clinic. This feature eliminates the hassle of scheduling appointments and traveling to the clinic, providing a more convenient solution. Users can simply use the ReSound Smart 3D app to send a request for adjustments or optimizations to their hearing care professional.

ReSound Remote Assist

Benefits of Remote Fine-Tuning Requests

  • Convenience: By utilizing remote fine-tuning requests, users can save time and effort by avoiding unnecessary trips to the hearing clinic. The process is simple and can be done from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Accessibility: ReSound Remote Assist ensures that users have access to professional care whenever they need it. Regardless of their location, users can connect with their hearing care professional and receive the necessary adjustments for their hearing aids.
  • Personalization: Fine-tuning requests allows users to communicate their specific needs and preferences to their hearing care professional. This personalized approach ensures that the hearing aids are tailored to the individual’s unique hearing requirements, enhancing their overall listening experience.

Live Assistance Video Appointments

Another valuable feature offered by ReSound Remote Assist is live assistance video appointments. This functionality enables users to have virtual face-to-face consultations with their hearing care professional. By answering a video call on their phone, users can engage in real-time discussions, seek guidance, and address any concerns or queries related to their hearing aids.

Advantages of Live Assistance Video Appointments

  • Flexibility: Live video appointments provide flexibility in scheduling and accessing hearing care services. Users can arrange appointments at a time that suits them best, eliminating the need to align their schedules with the availability of the hearing care professional.
  • Comfort: Video appointments can be conducted from the comfort and privacy of one’s home environment. This eliminates the potential discomfort or anxiety associated with visiting a clinic, allowing users to engage in discussions openly and candidly.
  • Personal Connection: Through face-to-face video appointments, users can establish a personal connection with their hearing care professional. Building a rapport and maintaining regular communication becomes easier, promoting a trusting and supportive relationship.

Enhancing the ReSound Experience

ReSound Remote Assist aims to provide users with continuous support and guidance, ensuring they derive the maximum benefit from their ReSound hearing aids. The convenience and accessibility of remote fine-tuning requests and live assistance video appointments significantly contribute to an improved user experience. Users can expect the following advantages:

Continuous Support

ReSound Remote Assist enables users to enjoy continuous support from their hearing care professional. Whether they require adjustments, have questions, or seek additional guidance, users can reach out to their hearing care professional through the app. This ongoing support ensures that users are never left on their own and can confidently navigate their hearing aid journey.

Convenience and Ease of Use

ReSound Remote Assist is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. The user-friendly interface of the ReSound Smart 3D™ app allows users to navigate through the various features effortlessly. Accessing remote fine-tuning requests or scheduling live video appointments is as simple as a few taps on their smartphone screen.

Positive User Feedback

Many individuals who have experienced ReSound Remote Assist appreciate the extra care they receive, the ease of use, and the convenience it offers. The ability to connect with their hearing care professional remotely and receive personalized support has been widely praised. Users value the flexibility and convenience of video appointments, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing their hearing care needs are being addressed promptly.


ReSound Remote Assist, accessible through the ReSound Smart 3D™ app, revolutionizes the way users connect with their hearing care professionals. With remote fine-tuning requests and live assistance video appointments, users can conveniently optimize their hearing aids and receive personalized care from the comfort of their own homes.

ReSound Remote Assist enhances the overall ReSound experience by providing continuous support, ease of use, and valuable guidance. By utilizing this innovative feature, users can confidently make the most of their ReSound hearing aids and enjoy improved hearing health and quality of life.

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