Answering Phone Calls with ReSound Hearing Aids

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is essential. For individuals with hearing loss, using hearing aids is crucial to enhance their ability to communicate effectively. ReSound hearing aids are designed with innovative features that provide users with a seamless and convenient communication experience. One such feature is the ability to answer phone calls directly through the hearing aid device. In this article, we will explore how to answer your phone with ReSound hearing aids and the benefits they offer.

Using Your ReSound Hearing Aids to Answer Phone Calls

In our modern era, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They serve as a lifeline for communication, allowing us to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. However, for individuals with hearing loss, traditional phone conversations can be challenging. That’s where ReSound hearing aids come in, providing a solution that bridges the communication gap.

Lady using an iPhone and her ReSound hearing aids for making a phone call.

Understanding ReSound Hearing Aid Technology

ReSound hearing aids incorporate cutting-edge technology to deliver clear and natural sound quality. These devices utilize wireless connectivity to connect with various audio sources, including smartphones. By leveraging Bluetooth technology, ReSound hearing aids can pair seamlessly with compatible mobile devices, enabling users to answer calls without hassle.

Connecting ReSound Hearing Aid to Your Phone

To answer your phone using a ReSound hearing aid, you must first establish a connection between your hearing aid and your smartphone. Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful connection:

Step 1: Ensure that your ReSound hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with your smartphone. Check the user manual or consult with your hearing professional for detailed instructions.

Step 2: On your smartphone, navigate to the settings menu and select Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth function is enabled.

Step 3: Put your ReSound hearing aids into pairing mode. This process may vary depending on the model. Usually turning off your hearing aids and then turning them back on does the trick. For rechargeable hearing aids, putting them in the charger for a few seconds, then removing them puts them into pairing mode. Refer to the user manual or seek assistance from your hearing professional if needed.

Step 4: On your smartphone, scan for available Bluetooth devices. When your ReSound hearing aids appear on the list, select them to establish a connection. Select “Pair” once for one hearing aid and a second time if pairing a set.

Step 5: Once the pairing is successful, your ReSound hearing aids and the smartphone will remain connected for future use.

Now that you have successfully connected your ReSound hearing aids to your phone, answering incoming calls is a breeze. When a call comes in, follow these steps:

Step 1: When your phone rings, you will hear the ringing sound in your ReSound hearing aids.

Step 2: Answer the phone call as you normally would using your smartphone or by pressing the button on your ReSound hearing aid to answer the call. This button is specifically designed to handle phone call functions.

Step 3: Once you have answered the call, you can begin speaking directly into your smartphone as normal or you can just speak into the air, and your ReSound hearing aid can act as a wireless headset, allowing you to communicate clearly without needing to hold your phone.

Step 4: To end the call, terminate the call using your smartphone as you normally would or press the same button on your ReSound hearing aid.

Benefits of Answering Calls with ReSound Hearing Aids

Answering phone calls with a ReSound hearing aid offers numerous benefits that enhance the overall communication experience for individuals with hearing loss. Here are some advantages:

1. Hands-Free Communication: ReSound hearing aids enable you to take calls and communicate clearly without physically holding your phone. This feature is particularly useful when you are busy with other activities, such as cooking or carrying groceries.

2. Multitasking Abilities: With ReSound hearing aids, you can multitask while talking on the phone. By using your hearing aids as a wireless headset, you free up your hands for other tasks, maximizing your productivity and convenience.

3. Improved Conversation Clarity: ReSound hearing aids are designed to reduce background noise and enhance speech clarity. By using these aids to answer calls, you can easily follow conversations even in noisy environments, without having to concentrate as hard. Hearing phone calls in both ears also aids in understanding.

4. Seamless Audio Streaming: ReSound hearing aids ensure that you have sufficient energy levels throughout the day to stream audio effortlessly. Whether it’s listening to music or participating in conference calls, you can stream with confidence, knowing that your hearing aids have the power to keep up.


Answering your phone with a ReSound hearing aid is a game-changer for individuals with hearing loss. The seamless integration between your hearing aids and smartphone allows for convenient and hands-free communication. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can enhance your phone call experience and stay connected with ease.


Q1: Can I connect my ReSound hearing aids to any smartphone?

Yes, ReSound hearing aids can be paired with compatible smartphones that support Bluetooth connectivity. Ensure that your smartphone is Bluetooth-enabled and consult the user manual or your hearing professional for specific compatibility information.

Q2: Is it possible to adjust the call volume through my ReSound hearing aids?

Absolutely. ReSound hearing aids offer volume control options, allowing you to adjust the call volume according to your preferences. You can also use the volume control on your smartphone to adjust the volume of the phone call to your hearing aids.

Q3: Can I answer phone calls with my ReSound hearing aids if I have an Android device?

Yes, ReSound hearing aids can be connected to both iOS and Android devices. The Bluetooth functionality allows for seamless pairing and call answering on both platforms.

Q4: Will answering calls with my ReSound hearing aids drain the battery quickly?

ReSound hearing aids are designed to optimize power consumption, ensuring that they have sufficient energy to support phone call functions throughout the day. You can answer calls with confidence, knowing that your hearing aids will last.

Q5: What other features does ReSound offer to enhance phone call experiences?

ReSound offers a range of features to enhance phone call experiences, including call muting, call transferring, and the ability to stream audio directly from the phone to the hearing aids. There are also many high-tech ReSound accessories to help you to communicate better in a wide variety of listening environments. Explore your hearing aid’s user manual or consult with your hearing professional for more information.

In conclusion, answering your phone with a ReSound hearing aid provides a new level of convenience and accessibility for individuals with hearing loss. By leveraging the advanced technology of ReSound hearing aids, users can enjoy hands-free communication, multitasking abilities, improved conversation clarity, and seamless audio streaming. Stay connected and experience the benefits of enhanced phone call experiences with ReSound hearing aids.

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