Widex Audibility Extender

Enhancing Audibility: Understanding the Widex Audibility Extender System

The loss of audibility in high-frequency sounds can significantly impact an individual’s ability to understand speech, appreciate music, and enjoy the beauty of nature’s sounds. Recognizing this challenge, Widex has developed the Audibility Extender, a remarkable solution designed to extend the range of audibility for individuals with hearing impairment. In this article, we will explore how the Widex Audibility Extender system works and the positive results it has achieved in enhancing speech intelligibility and access to environmental sounds.

Unlocking Inaudible Sounds:

Utilizing and included within Widex hearing aids, the Audibility Extender addresses the issue of inaudible sounds by relocating them to a frequency region where they become audible. This includes high-frequency speech sounds, environmental sounds like birdsong, doorbells, and music. By utilizing a technique called linear frequency transposition, the Audibility Extender ensures that important harmonic relationships within sounds are preserved, preventing signal compression or distortion.

Linear Frequency Transposition:

The key mechanism employed by the Audibility Extender is linear frequency transposition. This process involves shifting a specific range of frequencies to a lower range without altering the integrity of the signal. Unlike other methods that compress or modify the frequency range, linear frequency transposition preserves the natural characteristics of the sounds. For example, your alarm clock will still produce the same familiar sound, retaining its unique auditory identity.

Clinical Trials and Positive Results:

The Widex Audibility Extender has undergone rigorous testing, including clinical trials conducted by Widex research facilities like ORCA US, involving both adults and children. These trials have yielded encouraging outcomes, indicating that the linear frequency transposition facilitated improved speech intelligibility and enhanced access to environmental sounds.

The Benefits of Audibility Extender:

1. Enhanced Speech Intelligibility: By extending the audibility range of high-frequency speech sounds, the Audibility Extender enables individuals with hearing impairment to better perceive and understand speech, improving communication and overall engagement in daily interactions.

2. Access to Environmental Sounds: The Audibility Extender not only enhances speech understanding but also restores the ability to appreciate the richness of environmental sounds. From the melodic notes of birdsong to the familiar tunes of music, individuals can once again connect with the auditory world around them.

3. Preserving Harmonic Relationships: The linear frequency transposition method employed by the Audibility Extender ensures that the vital harmonic relationships within sounds remain intact. This preservation contributes to a more natural and authentic listening experience.


The Widex Audibility Extender system represents a significant advancement in addressing the challenge of audibility loss in individuals with hearing impairment. By utilizing linear frequency transposition, this innovative technology extends the range of audibility, allowing individuals to regain access to high-frequency speech sounds and environmental sounds. Through positive results from clinical trials, the Audibility Extender has demonstrated its efficacy in improving speech intelligibility and enriching the listening experience. Widex continues to pave the way for enhanced audibility, fostering better communication and a deeper connection with the sounds of life.