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Embedded in Widex’s MOMENT and EVOKE apps, SoundSense Learn (now called “MySound  2.0”) leverages the power of real-time machine learning and data from over 40,000 plus hearing aid wearers and almost a million inputs to guide you to a better, more personalized hearing experience in real-life situations. By indicating your preference in a series of A/B listening comparisons, you can quickly customize your hearing experience to meet your own personal needs and intentions.
Why did Widex develop SoundSense Learn/MySound? 
As much as we might want to, hearing professionals can’t be there to help our clients hear their best in challenging situations. It’s next to impossible to solve our clients’ Friday night problems on Monday morning. SoundSense Learn/MySound gives our clients the ability to solve their problems when they happen. 

When you are able to make changes yourself in real-time, in that specific moment, it can vastly improve how a wearer is hearing in that specific sound environment. If a hearing professional is not in that exact situation with their client, then our attempts to make sound adjustments based on our clients’ verbal descriptions it is all just guesswork.

Benefits From SoundSense Learn/MySound

One of the most exceptional features of Widex MOMENT Sheer, Moment, and EVOKE hearing aids, is that wearers can take control of their listening experience to hear their best in the moment. It is easy to see how providing a quick and simple solution such as SoundSense Learn can provide benefits for everyone.


 When you use SoundSense Learn/MySound with your Widex MOMENT Sheer or Evoke hearing aids, you first input your environment and hearing intention. Drawing on data from the Widex Cloud, a machine learning algorithm generates two combinations of hearing aid settings that may improve your ability to hear.

You choose the one that sounds better to you and indicate how much you prefer it. The process repeats itself up to 12 times, but you can stop at any point once you’re satisfied with how you’re hearing.

How SoundSense Learn/MySound makes listening easier (so you can forget about your hearing aid)

Today’s hearing aids come with automation to help you forget about the hearing aid and focus on listening. But what if the listening experience doesn’t match how you want to hear? 

Your HearSource hearing care professional has done a great job in programming your Widex hearing aids. You’ve got automatic sound environment detection turned on, and you’re all set to go out into the world and listen to your heart’s content, Yet at some point, you may experience a listening situation where the sound is not quite how you would like it.

SoundSense Learn is available in the Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aids.

SoundSense Learn is available in the Widex Evoke hearing aids.

Here’s why:

The automatic system in your hearing aid makes assumptions about how you want to hear. And while it’s most often right, occasionally it doesn’t hit the mark. Now you have to adjust your hearing aid settings – maybe only a little bit. 

But where to start?

Enter SoundSense Learn/MySound. SoundSense Learn is a technology that helps you control how you hear, at the moment, simply by listening to sound profiles suggested by an app on your smartphone. The easy-to-use interface guides you to better hearing by using simple A/B comparisons. 

All you have to do is choose what sounds best to you, based on what it is you intend to hear. The automatic machine learning algorithm takes care of the rest. Here’s how it works:


Test participants vote for SoundSense Learn/MySound

One of the main goals of SoundSense Learn/MySound is to help hearing aid users hear how they want to hear – giving them more control at the moment via a simple and intuitive interface. So, with the intuitive interface in place, can SoundSense Learn/MySound make your listening experience better? 

Widex set out to test just that – how the SoundSense Learn/MySound technology performs against the same hearing aids with automatic sound environment detection switched on and off. 

The results were positive: 89% of the test participants reported significantly better sound quality across sound samples with the parameter settings SoundSense Learn/MySound achieved. The 89% preferred this setting over a hearing aid with automatic sound detection. The test participants were also consistently happier with the listening comfort that SoundSense Learn/MySound achieved across sound samples. In fact, 84% of the participants preferred the settings they could achieve with SoundSense Learn. 

Made for real life

SoundSense Learn/MySound analyses your inputs to the app and quickly optimizes hearing aid settings in real-life situations.

Not everyone is average. The hearing aid fitting as determined by a computer is based on nothing but averages. The skill of the hearing aid professional that does the fine tuning and adjustments of your hearing aid can do only so much based on supposition and experience. The final piece of a perfect hearing aid experience lies with the user themselves. Being able to adjust their own hearing aids in the now. 

SoundSense Learn/MySound provides users the tools to perfect their own hearing experience, in the now.

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Widex MOMENT Sheer Rechargeable Hearing Aids
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Widex EVOKE Hearing Aids

For more information concerning Widex’s SoundSense Learn/MySound app, call your HearSource hearing care professional at 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time) USA. 

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  1. Chase C. From Farmington, Mo.

    I have worn Widex Evoke hearing aids for almost a year now. I have had to use the SoundSense Learn app only two times. Once at church and once at a local watering hole with way too much background noise. Both times I was able to quickly tune my hearing aids to my liking. This app is an excellent tool for hearing aid wearers to use.

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