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HearSource provides a complete suite of affordable hearing aidsaccessories, and repair services.

Being able to hear is a basic function that allows us to find our place in the world. From holding conversations to enjoying entertainment. When un-cared for, hearing loss can disassociate us from our friends, family, and the social activities of daily living. At HearSource, we ensure that our clients, anywhere in the world, can benefit from a cost-friendly approach to finding better hearing. From our significant discount pricing on hearing aids, batteries, and hearing aid accessories to our very competent hearing aid repair services.

Discount Hearing Aids

There’s no denying that finding a hearing aid that works for your specific hearing loss can quickly become cost prohibitive. Advances in technology have provided us hearing aids which help us hear better than ever, it has also resulted in price tags ranging between $5000 and $8000 per set.

After 20 years of serving our clientele from around the world, we’ve grown to believe that everyone who suffers from hearing difficulties should be able to access these advanced better hearing technologies. By negotiating agreements with major hearing aid manufacturers, we’re able to sell advanced technology hearing aids with discounts as high as 70%.

It’s important to know that buying a cost-effective hearing aid from us doesn’t need to mean reducing the quality of sound. We offer major international brands such as Widex, ReSound, SigniaHearSource and others.

The HearSource team feels strongly about ensuring our clientele are able to enjoy the use of high-quality products. Because of this, we’ve committed ourselves to helping our customers save significant money on name brand hearing aids.

Personal Hearing Aid Programming Anywhere In The World

Whether you’re new to using hearing aids or you’ve been relying on them for years, you already know that sound is a subjective matter. Hearing care professionals are incredibly adept at helping patients tune their devices using new technologies. However, as advanced as these technologies are, they can’t speak for the clarity you are experiencing.

At HearSource, we offer personal programmable hearing aids. With our proprietary DIY hearing aid programming software, you can fine tune or personally program your own hearing aids using your PC. You can use this software on multiple occasions too. This provides an additional layer of convenience as our customers don’t need to make appointments with a professional.

In addition to our DIY personal programmable hearing aid software, our hearing aids provide for remote programming assistance. Remote programming assistance allows us to link to your home computer and make sound adjustments to your hearing aids for you. As a result, you won’t need to leave the comfort of your own when in need of a sound adjustment.

Hearing Aid Repair Services and Accessories

As miraculous as they are, hearing aids come with lots of small parts that may lose functionality or sensitivity over time. As such, we provide an affordable hearing aid repair service to support them.

Hearing aid functionality can be increased and diversified with the use of accessories. HearSource offers hearing aid brand and model specific accessories to enhance their use and effectiveness. From hearing aid batteries, wax filters, silicone tips, streamers, cleaning tools, etc. we have it all.

Other mishaps that might require attention from a professional repair service would include your hearing aid sounding weak or not working at all. From accidental drops to water damage, there are lots of reasons why your hearing aids might stop working. Using our hearing aid repair service, you can ensure your hearing aids meet original manufacturer specifications. Repairing your hearing aids can prevent the need for expensive new purchases, saving money while you enjoy the technology that makes your life easier.

At HearSource, we’re proud to serve the hearing impaired community with our complete suite of hearing aid support services. Spending over 20 years working in the industry has given us the experience and tools we need to help our customers enjoy an easier hearing experience. If you would like to learn more about what we do, visit our website at or call us at 1-800-416-2434 Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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