About ReSound Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids are valuable devices that improve the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss. However, to enhance the functionality and convenience of these devices, various accessories are available in the market. ReSound, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids, offers a range of high-quality hearing aid accessories that complement their devices.

In this article, we will explore the different ReSound hearing aid accessories and how they can enhance the overall hearing experience for users.

ReSound Micro Mic

The ReSound Micro Mic is a wireless accessory that enhances speech understanding in challenging listening situations. It is a discreet, lightweight device that can be worn by a conversation partner or placed on a table. The Micro Mic streams the speaker’s voice directly to the user’s hearing aids, making it easier to hear conversations in noisy environments or from a distance.

ReSound Multi Mic

Similar to the Micro Mic, the ReSound Multi Mic is a versatile accessory that offers additional functionality. It acts as a remote microphone, a table microphone, and a streaming device. The Multi Mic can be worn by a speaker, placed on a table, or used as a clip-on microphone. It connects wirelessly to ReSound hearing aids, ensuring clear and direct sound transmission.

ReSound TV Streamer 2

The ReSound TV Streamer 2 allows users to stream audio from their television directly to their ReSound hearing aids. It eliminates the need for loud TV volumes, providing a personalized and immersive listening experience. The TV Streamer 2 is easy to set up and ensures synchronized sound between the TV and the hearing aids.

ReSound Phone Clip+

The ReSound Phone Clip+ enables users to connect their ReSound hearing aids to their mobile phones via Bluetooth. It allows for hands-free calling and effortless streaming of music or other audio content. With the Phone Clip+, users can enjoy the clear sound quality and convenient control over their hearing aids using their smartphone.

ReSound Remote Control 2

For those who prefer a dedicated remote control, the ReSound Remote Control 2 is an excellent choice. It provides a simple and intuitive way to adjust volume, switch programs, and control other settings of ReSound hearing aids. The Remote Control 2 is compact and easy to use, offering enhanced convenience for users.

ReSound Smart 3D App

The ReSound Smart 3D App is a powerful smartphone application that allows users to personalize their ReSound hearing aids. Through the app, users can adjust volume, change hearing aid settings, create personalized sound profiles, and even track the location of lost hearing aids. The Smart 3D App empowers users to optimize their hearing experience according to their preferences.

ReSound Custom Ear Mold

ReSound offers custom-made ear molds that ensure a perfect fit for their hearing aids. These molds are individually crafted based on impressions of the user’s ears, providing enhanced comfort and sound quality. The custom ear molds help to reduce feedback and improve the overall performance of ReSound hearing aids.

ReSound Custom Earmold

ReSound Hearing Aid Batteries

To power ReSound hearing aids, high-quality batteries are essential. HearSource offers a range of long-lasting hearing aid batteries that provide reliable performance. These batteries are available in different sizes to fit various ReSound hearing aid models.

ReSound Wax Guards

Wax guards play a vital role in preventing wax from entering the hearing aid receiver and compromising its performance. ReSound offers NanoCare wax guards specifically designed for their hearing aids, ensuring effective wax protection. Regular replacement of the wax guards is recommended to maintain optimal sound quality.

ReSound Assist

ReSound Assist is a telecare solution that enables remote fine-tuning of ReSound hearing aids. Users can connect with their HearSource hearing care professionals through the ReSound Smart 3D App and receive personalized adjustments and support without visiting the clinic. ReSound Assist ensures convenient and timely assistance for hearing aid users.

ReSound Relief App

The ReSound Relief App is designed to help individuals with tinnitus manage their symptoms. It offers a combination of sound therapy and relaxation exercises to alleviate tinnitus discomfort. Users can customize the soundscapes and access various therapeutic features to find relief from tinnitus.


ReSound hearing aid accessories are designed to enhance the overall hearing experience for users. From wireless microphones to smartphone apps and maintenance tools, ReSound offers a comprehensive range of accessories that cater to diverse needs. These accessories provide convenience, customization, and improved functionality, ensuring users get the most out of their ReSound hearing aids.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do ReSound hearing aid accessories improve the user experience?

ReSound hearing aid accessories enhance the user experience by providing features such as wireless streaming, remote control, personalized adjustments, and convenient maintenance options.

2. Are ReSound accessories compatible with all ReSound hearing aids?

ReSound accessories are designed to be compatible with a wide range of ReSound hearing aids. However, it is always advisable to check the compatibility specifications for each accessory.

3. Can I control my ReSound hearing aids using a smartphone?

Yes, ReSound offers the Smart 3D App, which allows users to control and personalize their hearing aids using their smartphones.

4. How long do ReSound hearing aid batteries last?

The battery life for any hearing aid depends on several factors, including usage patterns, the size of the battery, the hearing aid model, and the amount of gain. On average, hearing aid batteries can last anywhere from 3 to 14 days.

5. Where can I purchase ReSound hearing aid accessories?

ReSound hearing aid accessories can be purchased from authorized hearing care professionals, clinics, or online retailers specializing in hearing aid accessories.

For more information on ReSound hearing aid accessories, visit HearSource.com/ReSound-hearing-aids-and-accessories, or call 1-800-416-2434.

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